Expand Your Voice

Be heard, your voice is important

WRLA works for you and your industry so that we can all benefit and grow together, but we can’t do it alone. Membership involvement - your involvement - enables WRLA to be the organization it is. Without your input, we would not be able to provide you, our members, with the programs, networking and advocacy that we do.

WRLA’s advocacy work began after establishing the Building Materials Council of Canada (BMCC). We talk regularly to industry members, governments, and universities and colleges to ensure our members’ views are fairly represented.


WRLA has several committees to organize, run and distribute information to our members while creating a space for advocacy, connections and education. With 10 active committees, members have a variety of opportunities to get involved, including working on the WRLA Buying Show, helping the next generation with the NexGEN committee, and becoming involved in our government relations committee to advocate for our industry. There's a position for any interested members.

If you are interested in joining one of our committees or would like further information, please email us.

Buying Group Liaison Committee

Buying Groups are important strategic partners. The Buying Group Liaison Committee works to enhance that partnership by engaging these groups in conversation regarding WRLA’s decision-making processes. [More]

The Buying Group Liaison Committee identifies how WRLA and each buying group can work together to develop programs and services. The committee works to identify any barriers of support and problem-solves solutions to overcome these barriers. [Less]

Building & Hardware Showcase Committee

The WRLA Building & Hardware Show is the largest networking event for the lumber and building supply industry in Western Canada. The Show Committee supports the WRLA staff to help plan and organize a show that is relevant in our ever-evolving industry. [More]

The Show Committee plans, designs and organizes ideas and product information to create an exceptional show that allows attendees to connect, learn and grow. It works to promote the activities that are available during the show which leads to enhancing the overall atmosphere during the event and helps to celebrate success in the industry. The committee also helps to develop relevant convention programs, including educational opportunities to keep the industry informed while keeping members' business needs top of mind.

The Show Committee provides support to WRLA staff in areas as necessary. This may include sponsorship, booth sales and developing meaningful show specials. [Less]

Education Committee

One of WRLA’s promises and core functions is to enhance the education available to its members. The Education Committee assesses, identifies and helps implement these education programs. [More]

The programs developed support business needs and address changes in the industry, including changes in legislation and technology.

The Education Committee ensures current programs are relevant and meet the needs of members while identifying what these needs and opportunities are for new courses or partnerships that can help deliver relevant education programs. As a team, the Education Committee strategizes, plans, designs and implements an assortment of programs for the variety of talents and abilities found in the lumber and building supply industry.

The Education Committee works to develop promotional ideas for the educational programs to members and non-members alike, enabling the committee to increase awareness of the benefits of WRLA and its members through the programs available. These programs are implemented across Western Canada and make use of distance educational tools such as webinars. [Less]

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee provides oversight of key strategic activities and reviews WRLA’s performance and mandates. The committee oversees Board decisions in high-risk areas and ensures good governance while playing a key role in succession planning. [More]

The Executive Committee reports to WRLA members at the annual general meeting and ensures that WRLA is working for its members. [Less]

Finance Committee

Providing expertise on financial matters, including strategic direction, to enhance the quality of Board discussions is just one of the ways the Finance Committee works towards building a better WRLA for members. The Finance Committee oversees financial obligations, audits and reports to ensure they are completed on a regular basis and in accordance with the approved policies that comply with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). [More]

The Finance Committee assists the Board with its responsibilities relating to corporate auditing and reporting, financial policies, financial risk management, relevant strategic initiatives and milestones that are identified in the Strategic Plan. This includes reviewing financial statements, developing and overseeing the implementation of policies to safeguard assets and revenue streams and ensure that the Board is kept abreast of any problems, issues or concerns related to finance and the annual audit. [Less]

Government Relations Committee

WRLA provides a strong, united voice for the lumber and building supply industry in Canada. Government relations is a priority in WRLA’s strategic plan to ensure that we are staying on top of the issues that impact our membership. [More]

The Government Relations Committee provides a forum for members to address and assess issues as they develop. The committee works towards developing action plans, as required. There is power in numbers and it is important for us to engage members and involve them in the issues that impact their business and the industry. The Government Relations Committee also engages members to help support and shape the advocacy initiatives taken by WRLA. [Less]

Membership Committee

Using the WRLA membership applications, the Membership Committee reviews and approves all permanent membership applications with the exception of honoured Life Members. The committee also recommends membership criteria to the Board for approval. [More]

Initially, staff will vet the applications, conduct research and provide recommendations to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will then review and either approve or decline the application. [Less]

NexGEN Committee

To promote and increase engagement with the Canadian lumber and building supply industry, WRLA’s NexGEN works to provide a solution to succession planning and a lack of employees within the industry. [More]

To that end, WRLA has partnered with Mount Royal University to implement the WRLA Lumber and Building Materials Fundamentals course.

The NexGEN Committee supports the promotion of career opportunities in the industry and connections with educational institutes to ensure that the lumber and building supply industry is represented in the curriculum. The committee works with like-minded individuals to help build a pool of future employees that want to join our industry and build it for the future. [Less]

Nominating Committee

Working within the WRLA Nominating Policy and Code of Conduct, the Nominating Committee is responsible for ensuring that a full slate of candidates is available for the election to the Board. [More]

The nominating process, timelines, established criteria and checklist for potential Board Members can be found in the WRLA Policies and By-Laws. It is up to the Nominating Committee to ensure that the Policies and By-Laws are upheld. It is also the committee’s responsibility to advise all prospective Board nominees of their duties and responsibilities. [Less]

Policy Committee

Policies help WRLA ensure efficient operations by providing clarity in the roles and responsibilities of committee members. [More]

The Policy Committee works to create policies that enhance the decision-making process and support WRLA’s mission. The Policy Committee develops and reviews all WRLA policies and forwards them to the relevant committee and then the Board for approval. [Less]