Exclusive Discounts

Unlock unparalleled savings on everything you need for your business with our exclusive discounts available only to WRLA members. Whether you're in need of the latest cell phone, looking to manage cashflow, or seeking comprehensive commercial insurance, WRLA has you covered.




Cell Phone Plans & Business Solutions:

Roger's Communications is offering WRLA members exclusive discounts on business solutions and independent employee benefits, extendable to their families. Click here for more info.

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Credit Lending Solutions:

American Express provides tailored business solutions for WRLA manufacturers and retailers seeking cash flow assistance. WRLA members benefit from an extra 55 interest-free days on credit financing with their Business Platinum and Gold Rewards cards. Click here for more info.

​Employee Benefits:

PIB specializes in employee benefit packages for businesses in the building supply and retail sector, offering competitive rates for businesses of any size. WRLA members enjoy preferred rates and discounts. Click here for more info.




Commercial Insurance:

Cherry Insurance, Intact Insurance, and WRLA have teamed up to offer our top insurance packages to WRLA members. Enjoy exclusive rates, expanded coverage, and personalized service from Cherry Insurance as a WRLA member, all at no extra charge. Click here for more info.

Travel Discounts and Perks:

Hub International provides a diverse marketplace with numerous discounts for electronics and retail including:

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