WRLA Academy Courses

The WRLA Academy is here! We can't wait to share our all-new professional development program with all our members. The first opportunity to experience these upgraded and redesigned courses was at the 2023 WRLA Building & Hardware Showcase.

Online Industry Terminology

Online, Self-paced learning, Member cost: $149 

This class is your key to unlocking insider knowledge! Going through this course will give you ease and familiarity with terms that would otherwise take years of trial and error to learn.  Dive into this in-depth look at all the components you’ll come across when creating a customer estimate (takeoff). You will learn about fences, decks, garage floors, main and subfloor framing, garage walls, roofs (residential and garage), trusses, as well as interior assembly.

Who's it for? This course has been designed for people brand new to the building industry or for those stepping into the new role of an estimator.

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Blueprint Reading

Online, Self-Paced learning​, Member cost: $499 

Are you looking to better understand the information found on working drawings for the purpose of estimating? This course covers the basic content of residential working drawings. It includes several different types of drawings to help students become familiar with all aspects of blueprint reading. Upon completion of this class, students will have a good understanding of house plans and be able to:

  • Identify the information included in title blocks, cover sheets and schedules
  • Realize the liability and contractual obligations arising from working with blueprints
  • Differentiate between items shown in the section and in elevation and the importance of the ‘cut plane’
  • Calculate vertical and horizontal dimensions in both imperial and metric
  • Recognize building terms, abbreviations and symbols common to the building industry

Comprehend the information included on-site plans, including grades, slope and setbacks.

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Estimating Level 1

Member Cost: $499

Construction estimating creates sales opportunities for your business and detailed, accurate estimates are essential!

This course is recommended for anyone new to a sales or estimating role and we recommend taking our WRLA Academy Blueprint Reading course prior. It will take you through the process of estimating: from the contract documents to the methods of calculating material quantities used in construction. You’ll learn how to use  “take off” methods from professional drawings to develop an accurate materials list. You’ll learn all the terminology and components you need to make a typical estimate for decks, garages, bungalows and a standard 2-storey home. Practical exercises and more will give you the solid estimating foundation you need.

We encourage all Level 1 Estimating students to complete the online Blueprint Reading Course to ensure they are confident reading blueprints.

Next in-person dates TBD


Estimating Level 2

Member cost $499

Construction estimating creates sales opportunities for your business and detailed, accurate estimates are essential! You’ve learned the basics, and now it’s time to advance your expertise.

This course will build on the concepts you learned in Level 1 (it is strongly recommended to take level 1 prior) and is for anyone looking to gain advanced knowledge of estimating. We’ll take you through the full process of estimating so you can thrive in your role!

You’ll review architectural and structural drawings and learn how to read these drawings to create a full and accurate material list. Become fully proficient with creating the take-off. Discover the terminology and components you need to make a typical estimate for a standard 2-storey home, bonus room, walkout, duplex, 2-storey duplex, and tall walls. Through practical exercises and actual estimating examples, this course will give you the confidence you need to succeed.

Next in-person dates TBD

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