WRLA Advocacy Bulletins

Advocacy Bulletin: WRLA Tackles Carbon Tax

We believe that now is the time for a concerted effort across the lumber and building materials sector to highlight how punitive carbon taxes are. (March 26, 2024) Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Addressing Labour Challenges Head On

Recapping WRLA efforts to discuss the needs of the industry with Manitoba Provincial Government (August 17, 2023) Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Federal Cabinet Shuffle

Notes on the new names and faces in different federal cabinet positions (July 28, 2023) Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: WRLA response to West Coast Port Worker's Strike

WRLA signed onto an open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau along with 100+ other associations across Canada (July 6, 2023) Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Alberta Election Update

Recapping the Alberta Provincial Election (May 31, 2023) Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: State of Advocacy as of May 2023

Updating members on WRLA Advocacy efforts so far in 2023. (May 26, 2023) Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Provincial Budget Roundup

What do the different provinces' 2023 budgets hold for WRLA members? (April 19, 2023) Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Government representatives at the Building & Hardware Showcase

Recapping government interest in WRLA's members at the 2023 Building & Hardware Showcase. (January 31, 2023) Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Manitoba Legislature Day

WRLA presents member issues to members of Manitoba's Parliament. (December 2, 2022) Read Here

Advocacy Bulletin: Gypsum Tariffs

The saga of gypsum tarrifs US imports into Western Canada continues. (August 24, 2022) Read Here

Advocacy Bulletin: Update on Hill Day Meetings

WRLA President Liz Kovach was back in Ottawa to participate in meetings that focused on areas of transportation, labour and housing - (June 14, 2022) Read Here

Advocacy Bulletin: The 2022 Federal Budget

WRLA President Liz Kovach breaks down the latest 2022-23 federal budget recently released by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland - (April 16, 2022) Read Here

Advocacy Bulletin: Joint letter from MB, SK and AB Premier's regarding potential CP strike or lockout.

(March 17, 2022) Read Here

Advocacy Bulletin: Call to Action! Transport Canada Supply Chain Engagement

WRLA President Liz Kovach asks members to provide information to ensure that our industry member’s challenges and potential solutions are considered. (March 9, 2022) Read Here

Advocacy Bulletin: Call to Action! Made in Alberta by Albertans

Made in Alberta by Albertans a stakeholder engagement discussion and call to action hosted by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development. (February 2, 2022) Read Here

Advocacy Bulletin: Metrics on Supply Chain Issues Required

WRLA President Liz Kovach asks members to provide metrics on supply chain challenges which we need to collect in order to engage with policy makers. (January 19, 2022) Read Here

Advocacy Bulletin: Building Materials Update

WRLA President Liz Kovach breaks down the latest building materials update. (November 5, 2021). Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Federal Cabinet Changes & MB's New Premier

Prospectus Associates put together a newsletter on the federal cabinet changes and the election of Mantioba's new premier. (November 2021). Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Manitoba Business Grant Opportunity

Calling all Manitoba businesses! The province announced a new grant for digital initiatives that could reward you with up to $25,000! Learn more.

Advocacy Bulletin: Building Materials Update

WRLA President Liz Kovach breaks down the latest building materials update. (October 7, 2021). Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: 2021 Federal Election

Prospectus Associates put together a newsletter on the 2021 federal election. (September 2021). Read here

Advocacy Bulletin: Upcoming Federal Election

Prospectus Associates put together a newsletter on the upcoming federal election. (September 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Upcoming Federal Election

Prospectus Associates put together a newsletter on the upcoming federal election. (September 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Upcoming Federal Election

Prospectus Associates put together a newsletter on the upcoming federal election. (Aug. 27, 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Building Materials Update

WRLA President Liz Kovach breaks down the latest building materials update. (August 26, 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Building Materials Update

WRLA President Liz Kovach breaks down the latest building materials update and the impact of forest fires on the supply chain (July 23, 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Survey on Political Advocacy Priorities

WRLA President Liz Kovach asks for members' feedback on federal government advoacy priorities. (July 22, 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Transport Canada Update

WRLA President Liz Kovach provides an update after our meeting with Transport Canada where she went over members' concerns. (July 8, 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: WRLA Building Materials Update

WRLA President Liz Kovach gives an update on the current state of building materials in Canada. (June 10, 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Transport Canada Meeting

WRLA President Liz Kovach recaps a meeting with Transport Canada where she went over members' concerns. (June 3, 2021). Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Increased Lumber Thefts

WRLA gathers police tips to keep members' teams, businesses and products safe. (May 31, 2021).Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Federal Government Announces Retrofit Grant

WRLA Praises Federal Government's New Retrofit Grant (May 28, 2021).Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Minister Carr's Office Meeting

2021 Spring Building Materials Update 2 (May 27, 2021) Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Supply Chain Concerns

2021 Spring Building Materials Update (April 13, 2021) Read here.

Advocacy Bulletin: Pre-budget submission for consideration to Manitoba Government

To ensure that the WRLA continues to represent the industry, a pre-budget submission was issued to the Minister of Finance for review and consideration as the Manitoba Government works toward their next fiscal budget.
Read Pre-Budget Submission Here (pdf) February 19,2021

Advocacy Bulletin: Roundtable Discussion with Federal Minister Jim Carr

The WRLA alongside other stakeholders was invited to participate in a Roundtable Discussion with Minister Jim Carr, Special Representative for the Prairies. The purpose of the meeting was to bring organizations together that represent various businesses and industries that contribute to the Saskatoon Region and Provincial economy.
Read Advocacy Bulleting (pdf) February 16,2021

Advocacy Efforts: What's the Story with Lumber? Webinar Panel

WRLA president Liz Kovach was a key panelist in the Canadian Home Builders' Association (CHBA) recent exclusive webinar discussion with CHBA CEO Kevin Lee, Michael Almond of Canfor, Derek Nighbor of Forest Products Association of Canada & Paul Quinn of RBC on lumber shortages, skyrocketing prices and where to go from here. To watch the full webinar click below.
Watch What's the Story With Lumber?

Advocacy Bulletin: Home Renovation Tax Credit Details

"The WRLA, in addition to several partnering stakeholders, advocated for an eco-retrofit programs either in the form of tax credits or grants. The 2016 Census identified 4.5 million dwellings that require minor or major repairs. We are pleased to see that the federal government listened to recommendations from the industry and its partners and will support economic recovery while taking action towards climate strategy."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - December 4,2020

Member Memo: New Resources & Small Business Funding for Western Canada

"We continue to follow developments in the funding arena to support business and want to provide you with an update as this may benefit your company."
Read Member Memo (pdf) - October 2020

Advocacy Bulletin: Saskatchewan Party Win = Renovation Tax Credit A Go!

"Scott Moe’s Saskatchewan Party secured its fourth consecutive majority mandate. The WRLA is thrilled for our members at this outcome as this means that the Home Renovation Tax Credit (HRTC) announced on September 30, 2020 is now effective!"
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf)

Advocacy Bulletin: Sask Party Listens to WRLA

"Scott Moe, Leader of the Saskatchewan Party announced today that if the Saskatchewan Party is re-elected, the government will introduce a Home Renovation Tax Credit. From the beginning of the pandemic, the WRLA has been advocating for a renovation and eco-retrofit tax credits as a strategic way to support economic recovery. We are very pleased that the government listened to our requests and took our proposals to support economic recovery into consideration."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf)

Advocacy Bulletin #9

“While it may have been some time since the last bulletin, the WRLA team and government relations committee volunteers have continued to work diligently behind the scenes. And there is no time like the present to reiterate that we are here to support you. Our focus is on the betterment of the LBM industry and working on programs and services that you can take advantage of to grow your business, industry connections and knowledge!
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - Issue 9, 2020

Working Towards Recovery, Part 2

“The building supply dealers sector will be an important driver of economic activity as the national economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic."
Read letter

Economic Impact Report

"The building supplies dealers sector across the Prairie provinces is a strategically important retail sector with more than 1,300 stores employing 27,000 staff and generating $7.2 billion in sales in 2019."
Read the full report

Advocacy Bulletin #8

Advocacy Call to Action - We want to hear from you!

"...To ensure we stay current on the issues that are impacting members and help us understand any concerns we may need to address or potentially bring forward, we are asking you to provide us with feedback. We have two short surveys that we kindly ask you to complete this week..."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - Issue 8, 2020

Member Memo #6 - COVID-19 New Resources & Federal Funding for Businesses

"...As we progress through the initial stages of recovery, new funding has been announced by the federal government to support large employers, in addition to provincial programs available to members."
Read Memo

Industry Economic Impact Survey

"...The WRLA wants to help the government understand the full weight of what the LBM industry brings to the Canadian economy, and show them what our member businesses contribute to our overall economic health. To give our industry a more powerful voice and larger impact when decisions are made, we need information from you. Please take our very short economic impact survey, so we can stand up alongside other key industries, such as oil and gas, and demonstrate our strength..."
Take the survey.

Member Memo #5 - COVID-19 Cautious but Optimistic Announcements!

"...While we won’t be back to normal for the foreseeable future, some much-needed optimism was announced by the Province of Saskatchewan last week by Premier Scott Moe and yesterday’s announcement made by Premier Brian Pallister releasing their phased-in approach made for Manitobans...."
Read COVID-19 Cautious but Optimistic Announcements Memo (pdf) - April 2020

Restoring Safe Services

Manitoba's Pandemic And Economic Roadmap For Recovery

"...COVID-19 is having a global impact. Everything is changing, quickly. The challenge is enormous, but Manitobans have once again risen to the task, some at great personal risk and financial hardship. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your sacrifice..."
Read Restoring Safe Services - Manitoba (pdf) - April 2020

Re-Open Saskatchewan

A plan to re-open the provincial economy

"...COVID-19 has currently changed the way we live and work – in Saskatchewan, across the country and around the world. It’s impacted the way in which we socialize with our family and friends..."
Read Plan to re-open Saskatchewan (pdf) - April 2020

Member Memo #4 - COVID-19 Business Support Updates

"...During a time when there are more questions than answers, we hope to provide you with some clarity and keep you updated on the business support available to you. Time is of the essence with some of these programs, so please be sure to review and respond accordingly if you plan to take advantage of the federal or provincial supports currently available..."
Read COVID-19 Business Support Updates (pdf) - April 2020

The WRLA and the Lumber and Building Materials Industry's Role in the Economic Recovery

"..."...The building supply industry is an $80+ billion industry that directly employs over 262,000 Canadians. This industry brings a multitude of economic benefits, jobs and investment to the provinces and country..."..."
Read Role in Economic Recovery (pdf) - April 2020

Best Practice for Virtual Meeting

"..."...As coronavirus (COVID-19) forces more employees to work from home, businesses are adapting to a new remote-work business model quickly and effectively. Fortunately, technology has made things a lot easier as many companies are using virtual meetings and conference calls to keep in touch..."..."
Read Best Practice for Virtual Meeting (pdf) - April 2020

Member Memo #3 - Financial Resources & Business Grants during Covid-19

"...To ensure that you are kept up to date on new developments we have pulled together additional resources and recent information to help support your needs at this time...."
Read Financial Resource & Business Grants during COVID-19 (pdf) - March 26, 2020

WRLA Advocacy Efforts and Call to Action for Members!

"...The Western Retail Lumber Association and its 1,200 member firms in the building supply industry extend into every community across the country contributing to the very fabric of Canada. The industry plays a vital role in our communities, from providing jobs to over 262,000 Canadians to producing and supplying materials that are vital to the construction sector and essential to all Canadians..."
COVID-19 Letter to Provincial Government (pdf) - March 2020

Member Memo #2 - Member Resources During COVID-19

"...As we continue to navigate through this difficult time together, the WRLA wants to ensure it is providing you with important resources and announcements to help support your business. The next 2-3 months will be critical. We know that several businesses in the West were already in a fragile state as a result of the economy and are now having to weather yet another storm..."
Read Member Resources During COVID-19 (pdf) - March 2020

Advocacy Bulletin 7

"...On Tuesday, January 21, the WRLA held its 1st annual Advocacy Summit. Members participated in a half-day session to identify areas where the WRLA needs to advocate to governments on behalf of its membership. The session was facilitated by Eric Pelletier of Prospectus Associates, an advocacy firm that we are working with to move our advocacy program forward..."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - Issue 7,2020

Advocacy Bulletin 6

"...As the federal election date of October 21st rapidly approaches, public opinion polling suggests we are witnessing one of the closest federal election races in recent history. It would appear to be still quite a toss up as to whether the Liberals or the Conservatives will capture the most seats, and whether they will do so with enough seats to form a majority government. Suffice to say that we're likely in for a late night on Monday (or an early Tuesday morning) before we know the final results...."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - Issue 6,2019

Advocacy Bulletin 5

"...A couple of major political developments have taken place since our last bulletin. The federal election campaign has officially begun, and the Manitoba election has come to an end. Federal Election: With Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent visit with the Governor-General, Parliament has been dissolved and as expected Canadians will vote in a Federal election on October 21st....."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - Issue 5, 2019

Advocacy Bulletin 3

"... I wanted to update you on a few things… 1) Our Advocacy and Government Relations Action Plan leading up to the federal election; 2) The key messages we will be delivering to federal politicians over the coming months; 3) Details of my recent trip to Ottawa to meet with like-minded organizations which have many of the same objectives as we have, and to share ideas on plans leading up to the election and explore ways in which we can collaborate with these organizations in order to fully maximize our effectiveness on your behalf..."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - Issue 3, 2019

Advocacy Bulletin 2

"... Yesterday’s Federal Budget certainly contained a number of positive initiatives for our industry, which are the result of much of the lobbying we have been doing over these past several months. These additional incentives to increase the supply of housing, and make more houses, more affordable, for more Canadians are all good news for you our members and our industry colleagues across Canada..."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - Issue 2, 2019

Advocacy Bulletin 1

"...I’m pleased to provide an update on our advocacy efforts to date and plans for further advocacy efforts on your behalf in the coming weeks. We all know the compound effect of policies such as the 25-year mortgage (introduced in 2012) and the January 2018 “stress test” requirement (among others) have had a crippling effect on housing markets. This of course is having a devastating impact on our industry and you, our members, whose livelihoods depend on a robust residential construction sector..."
Read Advocacy Bulletin (pdf) - Issue 1, 2019"