Government Training Grants 

Get financial help to upskill your workforce!

Taking advantage of high-quality training and making sure your workforce is as skilled as it can be makes good business sense and will pay off in closer customer and supplier relationships, as well as increased sales and profits. However, these rewards can take some time to materialize. How do you, as a business owner, manage the expense of training in the short term?

WRLA is working with provincial governments to advocate for recognition of our programming as job-growth initiatives that can provide tax breaks and rebates to businesses that are investing in their people through training. At present, there are existing job grants available that can greatly offset the cost of professional development for your team. Be sure to read the requirements for each carefully before applying. If you require assistance, or have any questions, you can contact us at WRLA Academy,

Here are job grants offered in each of the following provinces across Canada.

British Columbia Employer Training Grant

Canada Alberta Job Grant

Canada Saskatchewan Job Grant

Canada Manitoba Job Grant

Canada Ontario Job Grant